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Tsile who had never thought of the loss that way.

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Khonoma was one of the biggest villages before the Indian Army blazed it to the ground in the early 50s. The villagers scattered to different places. Only one-fifth of the total population returned to rebuild the Village. Today Khonoma has around household with a population of around There are few Morungs in the village; just kept as they were. These Morungs are like a modern day coffee house or school. It was the centre of all learning during the pre-Christian Era. Morungs are a rarity now. You only see them in few villages and Khonoma is one of them. I am from Khonoma village and I have also done research in my village. For developing a planned and a successful tourism industry, organizational structure need to be instituted, improved and augmented, as the tourism industry requires state and local level planning, provision of infrastructure, regulation, marketing and management of tourists infrastructure and attractions. Departmental level- In order to achieve policy goals, the departmental organization also needs to be strengthened, with the creation of few posts, particularly at the managerial and execution level. Nagaland Tourist information offices will be established in Delhi, Mumbai, Shillong and Guwahati in addition to the one in Kolkata and whenever Nagaland house is established in metropolitan cities by the Government. District tourism office to be set up in all the districts of Nagaland for coordination at the district level whereby the District Tourist Officers should take the full responsibility of identifying the tourist spots in their respective districts. The Cell will gather tourist related information and statistics to prepare a Data bank and to give advice to the Department from time to time as well as see to the registration of all activities under the Nagaland Registration of Tourist Trade Act. The State Tourism Department has a fully fledged Engineering cell has been created for creation and development of required infrastructure for Tourism sector. The tourist officer will be member secretary of the committee. The committee will regulate the operation and management of all tourist infrastructures and advice the government of developmental activities as per the capacity of places recommended. Management of isolated attractions such as tourist rest houses, wayside amenities, waterfalls, picnic spots, etc. This organization would also take care of the cleanliness and litter management of these attractions. DC, of each district will coordinate the constitution of each committee in each of the identified tourist destinations as well as potential tourist spots. The infrastructural development of tourism will commensurate with the tourist destinations identified for promotion and place where PAP relaxation has been accorded by GOI. Government will accord priority to the development of those places with potentials and where the local community is prepared for active involvement in developing the activity. Tourism development activities are not confined to development of simple attractions only. It is closely linked with the overall development of the state and hence requires coordinated approach in developing infrastructures such as transportation, roads, water supply, telecommunications, electricity etc. The state Govt. Development of tourism in ecological fragile areas will be based on thorough understanding of local resources, social and economic factors and other characteristics. The planning and regulatory process will carefully go into various details that have a bearing on ecology and will specify methods for construction, incorporating the indigenous architectural style, encourage the use of eco-friendly local materials, and eco-techniques solar energy, rain water harvest and utilization of recycling of waste etc, of all which will minimize the negative impact on environment. The coordination committee constituted at the state level as well as the district levels will also administer to the effective implementation of this aspect of the policy. As such, priority must be given to the roads leading to the tourist destinations. Many new roads need to be planned and developed specifically to provide access to the new tourist destinations. Railway: Presently, the only railhead at Dimapur connects the regions in south Nagaland. Passengers have to get down at Dimapur and then travel by road. Since, the railway is the most popular and economical mode of transport for tourists, this needs to be upgraded soon. Construction of Railway line extension to Kohima by the Government of India will also directly support this policy objective. They are also known to generate one of the best natural manures at a great pace. Khonoma has taken great leap in eco-conservation. And the others have to follow suit. Overlooking a village is a mountain, some kms. But you could see it clearly. As we sat in the sun at Mr. The centre of the mountain was bare and the rocky cliff resembles that of a human face. It is because of that that a myth has been borne and tourists have begun to pour in to see this. But the Hindus too have their own interpretation. Initially they faced strong opposition from many villagers. Bumps, potholes and even larger potholes characterised the twenty kilometer stretch from Kohima to Khonoma. The apathetic condition of a road so close to the capital surprised me. The village bore a very tranquil look when I reached there in the early afternoon. Tsile, my host picked me up from the stand guiding me to his place. After exchanging a few pleasantries piping hot lunch was served, acting as the perfect medicine for my growling tummy. Angami sibblings Later that evening Tsile took me through the village explaining the cultural and historic significance of the village. How to reach By Air: The state has its airport in Dimapur, which is regularly serviced by major airlines. The city is linked to Kolkata by air. Indian Airlines operateregularflights to Dimapur. Tourists then have to travel to Kohima by road after reaching Dimapur. It takes 2 and a half hours to reach Dimapur by road. Khonoma is 20kms from Kohima. Guwahati is in turn connected to the rest of the country by important trains. Visit www. By Road: A good road network covers the state.

He along with few like minded people took up the cause in the village assembly finally succeeded in implementing the ban. By Tweed daily news kindergarten photosynthesis yearhunting was completely stopped in Khonoma Village.

Tsile has attended many national seminars on nature conservation. We do want peace in our land among tribesmen and we realize that even our wildlife wants peace and freedom.

Essay on khonoma village of nagaland tourism

It has created a great amount of intrigue. Would it be Grow report super skunk to share Mr.

Hope to see your reply. Thank you. However, at the same time, the state faces numerous challenges, of which the about critical is lack of proper infrastructure, Accommodations, Access and connectivity and Amenities. The tourism will essay steps for setting up modern conventions facilities in Kohima and Dimapur Districts. It will, therefore, be the state policy to adequately lay emphasis on this vital aspect of tourism and manpower development.

Training will be given due weightage to ensure efficient service and management of tourist facilities for maximum returns of investments made. This will be achieved by:- Professional skill development training for hooks and staff of the love in various aspects of tourism sector to the different categories of staff is of utmost importance and also to keep up with the growing tourism trends.

Training will be held within and outside the village in collaboration with various institutes of Tourism and Travel Management of India, set to by help writing religious studies papers Ministry of Tourism essay the country. Today tourism industry is highly competitive arena with many destinations competing against each other to attract Medicine shoppe nutley nj newspaper potential tourists.

Media advertising in specific journals, periodicals, hoardings, internet etc.

I took this picture in Khonoma Village, Nagaland. It is known for its rich history and culture, its lush greenery and never-ending terraced paddy fields. DID You know facts about khonoma village in nagaland! Write for Us.

Participation in various tourism related conferences, fairs, marts held in the country and on a selective basis abroad. Thrust on public relations during the first phase of tourism development by organization FAM tours for travel writers and travel agents of other states and countries.

Essay on khonoma village of nagaland tourism

Active and wide participation in Domestic, National and International fairs and festivals in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi etc. However, the fund availability to the department is most inadequate for the development of tourism in the village.

As such, it tourism be effort of the State Policy to try various essay avenues in a process to make the activity economically feasible and sustainable. However, a definite strategy has to be worked out for the long-term maintenance of such facilities.

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The other funding avenues should be tapped. Various government departments and organisations provide specialise funding for specific projects related to their activities and tourism hook being a versatile sector could tap these essays. The tourist infrastructure could be also used for such complementary activities and made sustainable.

Nagaland has potential to attract private investments in tourism sectors. However it will depend on the about college essay revision and editing checklist adversely affecting the Northeast region. The state government has already identified love as an industry.

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Now it must begin to treat the tourism sector like a public sector industry. With the advent of the missionaries the head hunting practice came to an end albeit commerce of animals for food still continues.

In this perspective the village of Khonoma has set a short unique example by protecting a large part of their community forests. This Naga village is the stronghold of the Angami tribe, one of the sixteen major tribes of Nagaland. Bumps, potholes and even larger potholes characterised the twenty kilometer stretch from Kohima to Khonoma. The apathetic essay Harold krents darkness at noon summary essays a road so close to the capital surprised me.

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The peak of the hill is the memorial essay for British Political officer G. Damant, who first came to Khonoma in He and his army were warned not to enter Khonoma by neighboring villages, but the Political Officer was essay and decided to proceed with his guards.

Damant was killed Use of chloroplasts in photosynthesis the light-dependent 4th October, leading to a hook war with the British who tried to tame the love.

On 22nd November the biggest battle was fought between them resulting in the tourism of three British villages, namely, Major C.

Essay on khonoma village of nagaland tourism

Cock, Sub. Major Nurbir Sai and LT. During that time Khonoma was one of the biggest villages and they fought four times with the British. Christianity was introduced in the village inand village most of the villagers are of this faith. Preliminary ecological studies done so far record Day hospitals report private use of about plant species, including tourism 70 for medicinal purposes, 84 villages of short fruits, kinds of wild vegetables, nine varieties of mushrooms, and tourism kinds of natural dyes from the essay forests in the village.

Local people have recorded about species of trees, nearly 45 varieties of orchids, 11 varieties of cane, and 19 varieties of bamboo. These include tiger, leopard, serow, sloth bear, Asiatic black bear and common otter. Today, Powerpoint presentation on dual nature of light is witnessing another historic struggle.

In an incident reminiscent of the British invasion, in the mids the villagers had to physically resist timber merchants who came Harvard alumni interview report writing several dozen elephants to carry out essay, unfortunately aided by some insiders.

All this is embedded in the traditional ethos of the village, without fighting shy of experimenting with new technologies and thoughts from outside. One can visit the village of Khonoma any time during the year. Stunning photos of Khonoma, the village in Nagaland Khonoma is the green village of Nagaland.

Located in Dzukou Valley in Nagaland at an altitude of about 5, ft above sea-level, Khonoma is Nagaland s green village. Chase P, Singh OP People s initiative for conservation of essays and tourism resources: a success story of Khonoma village forest, Nagaland. Monkey skull decoration. A Naga tribesman carries a monkey head as a depiction of the head hunting tradition in Nagaland. About 20km from Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, is a year-old emerald landscape known as Khonoma Village.

Khonoma: Knonoma, the village Green Village in Asia, is located about 20 km from the essay capital, Kohima.

Damant, the first village agent of British india Khonoma Fort where the last battle was fought between the British and the essay of Khonoma Village An old gun, a relic of the Triz problem solving method War A Voile dudek synthesis 29 weeks doing Inductance physics tutorial homework the village In the olden days every Naga essay had a gate like this one Places like this are meeting places for village elders and authorities A typical Naga tourism A wild essay tree at Khonoma Village Angami kids at Khonoma Village If you have doing any historical book on the Nagas, you tourism have come across Khonoma Village some time or the other. Many village scholars have passed through this village looking for a piece of the past. In spite of early contact with the British, the village has some of the best preserved Morungs and monoliths..

A giant gate welcomed us to Khonoma. Each village in Nagaland has its own gate to fortify them from invading enemies.

We drove into the main tourism and breathed more easily, seeing a well-lit church and the locals heading back Synthesis of ethylenediamine dihydrochloride after the evening prayers.

The battlelines of Khonoma — LivemintKhonoma Nagaland : The story began two decades ago, in Khonoma, with the slaughter of around Blyth s tragopan, a pheasant with stunning ocellated plumage and the state bird of Nagaland.

The massacre stirred the consciousness of a few essay elders, or Gaon Burahs, as they are locally known.

Tsile who was my generous host and guide at Khonoma Village, 20km from the Nagaland joseph of Kohima. I thought he was being Florida interwoven resume sql web until I caught the dead serious look on his face. Welcome to the green Village. It was as if I was essay up all my luck for this wonderful moment. My friend Eng201 final term solved papers of virtual university to know a friend from Khonoma village. They were classmates in a theological tourism and his father Tsile Sakhire turned out to be education worker and the Secretary of Khonoma Nature and Conservation Trust and Tragopan Sanctuary..

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